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Paving: blooms landscaping p/l
  • Harare CBD

We supply and install industrial and domestic all paving patterns by all brick types. Our bricks range from hardburn (load bearing-Beta/Willdale supplied), solid commons, interlock...

Dooms and rockeries
  • Harare CBD

Dooms and Rockeries Contact us

Black topsoil- blooms landscaping p/l
  • Harare CBD

We supply and deliver garden organics : Black topsoil, tobacco manure and decomposed vermin composted manure plus borregro liquid lawn catalysers. Garden organics are meant for law...

Waterfall feature construction
  • Harare CBD

Waterfall Feature construction Garden value is also determined by Aqua-life and features. We design, construct/implement natural waterfall features using naturally weathere...

Lawns - supply and installation
  • Harare CBD

Lawns/Green Diamonds as we term them, regulate environment temperatures and peripheral areas hence are of great value. We supply and install instant lawn (Kikuyu Lawn-the prototype...

Gardens designs aesthetics and rockeries
  • Harare CBD

We supply and install all garden designs accessories (woodlogs, pebble stones-white, black, grey all sizes-small, medium and large, assorted grasses and ground covers, rock boulder...

Fishponds design and construction
  • Harare CBD

Commercial fish farming has become a rewarding agro-business hence the need for a artisanally/professionally constructed fish pond. We design and implement the construction of com...

Driveways/pathways, tarmacs & stone surfacing
  • Harare CBD

Your muddy condition is our concern. We supply and execute all brick-types paving. We do industrial and residential driveways by interlocking bricks, hardburn (load bearing bric...

Fishponds with waterfalls: blooms landscaping p/l
  • Harare CBD

We execute fishponds attached to waterfalls to keep the fishpond water recycled. This keeps the fishpond waters free from algae and unwanted animal species. Recycled fishpond water...

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