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Injector Cleaner Petrol (350ml)
  • Shield

Features Cleans intake valves and fuel injectors Dissolves tough deposits Improves cold starting Optimises injection efficiency and fuel atomisation Provides corrosion prote...

Ironman recovery hitch

Recovery Hitch: Designed In Australia - Machined from A single Piece of High strength Steel. - Zinc Coated for Durability and rust protection - 5ton Recovery Point - Fit...

Ironman bow shackle
  • Ironman

Bow Shackle: Designed in Australia - 4.75 ton Rating - Constructed from High strength steel - Powder Coated for Durability and Rust Protection You are welcome to come...

30w modular led light - flood beam

Ironman 30W Modular Led Light - Flood Beam Designed in Australia - 3x10W Cree Led - 30w Flood Beam - Multi Voltage - 10-30v DC - Colour - 6000K - Polycarbonate Le...

Ironman small recovery kit

Small Recovery Kit: - 9m x 8000kg snatch strap - 2 x 4.7T Bow Shackles - 4.7t Recovery Point - Leather gloves & kit bag You are welcome to come and view our showroom...

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Shield Diesel Injector Cleaner (350ml)
  • Shield

Features: Cleans fuel injectors to protect against injector deposit build-up and oxidisation Dispenses water and condensation, rust and corrosion Provides better lubrication t...

Chevrolet Cruze 2011
  • 118,612 kms
  • Manual

Second Hand Chevrolet Cruze 1.6 2011

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Shield Auto Detailing Cloths 3 pack (microfiber)
  • Shield

Features: Ideal for removing streaks, haze, wax residue and fingerprints as well as cleaning windows, dashboards and trim, and applying and removing waxes and polishes. Include...

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Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner/Conditioner
  • Meguiars
  • G17914

Pamper and protect your leather with gentle, safe cleaners and rich, luxurious moisturizers. This unique spray formula with aloe helps protect leather from spills and stains, while...

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  • Meguiars
  • G12718

NXT Generation® Tech Wax® 2.0 produces unbelievably deep, vibrant color and a dramatically clear wet-look. And its's Hydrophobic Polymer Technology™ provides relentless water beadi...

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Wash n Go Windscreen Wash (275ml)
  • Shield
  • SH180

Shield Windscreen Wash is a highly concentrated windscreen wash specially formulated to remove insects, silicone, grease, grime and dangerous streaking caused by oil smears and env...

Snatch strap 8000kg & 11000kg

Ironman Snatch Strap 8000Kg & 11000Kg: You are welcome to come and view our showroom at Number 24 Silwood Close. (Next to the Chisipite Circle). Our professional sales people c...

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Shield Splash & Dash Sponge
  • Shield

Features Easy grip shape makes it the must-have car washing accessory Characterised by a soft, high-density sponge that is non-abrasive You are welcome to come and view our...

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Hot Rims All Wheel Cleaner
  • Meguiars
  • G9524

Remove stubborn road residue with Hot Rims'™ unique foaming agents. Our Xtreme Cling™ foam is designed to cling to vertical surfaces and break down stubborn road residue on wheels...

Warn off road base

Warn Off Road Base Designed In America - Alleviates Sinking on Soft Ground - Lightweight Durable design You are welcome to come and view our showroom at Number 24 Silwood Cl...

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Shield Engine Cleaner (500ml)

Features Fast acting, non-corrosive solvent based formula Penetrates deeply to remove even the toughest grease, oils and other dirt and grime Easy spray on, hose off applicati...

Instant engine starter

Instant Engine Starter: - For quick starting petrol & diesel engines - Easy to use - Suitable for use of engines for the following: motor cars, trucks, bulldozers, boats,...

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Leather Cream (500ml)

Features: Water-based emulsion to safely clean preserve leather furniture Restores original suppleness and shine Protects from stains, grime and airborne dirt and dust Contai...

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Black Wax (7oz)
  • Meguiars
  • G6207

Waxes for black to dark colored cars, require a formula that provides "gloss" to the paint to give it a deep reflection. This specially formulated wax is designed to make your pain...

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Shield Carb Cleaner 500ml
  • Shield

Features Cleans and removes sludge, dirt and carbon deposits Safe for use on oxygen sensors and electronically controlled carburetors, sluggish chokes and dirty throttle linkag...

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